Merry Christmas 2018 in Australia – Traditions and Celebration in Australia

It is the best time of the year when everything feels right, and there is a spirit of goodwill in the air. That is what Christmas feels like. For me, it is my favorite time, and I do so many things. From wrapping up presents to making hot chocolate but while I was doing this, a thought struck to me. How do people celebrate Merry Christmas 2018 in Australia?

We associate Merry Christmas 2018 with winters when the snow is settling on the roof and children snuggling in their beds, but that is not what Australians think. For them, Christmas comes with summers. They instead of spending the Christmas 2018 eve by the fireplace, they spend it on the beach. For the people living on the north side, this might seem quite bizarre, but it is as natural to the Australians as air to new lungs. Since there is a difference of climates, they have their own traditions for Christmas 2018 too and that is why we have gathered here to discuss Christmas in Australia. We will talk about the traditions and celebrations in Australia that will enlighten you and give you a chance to try things their way.

Did you know carols by candlelight is a massive hit among Australians? It was popularized in Melbourne in the year of 1938 by radio announcer Norman Banks. People gather together in parks and outdoor venues just to listen to the carols sung by candlelight. The best part is that there is a big event that takes place on Christmas Eve in Melbourne’s Sidney Myer Music Bowl where so many celebrity performances take place. There is a special appearance of Santa Claus supporting Vision Australia.

The next pointer in the article of Christmas in Australia talks about Myer Christmas Windows where people of Melbourne gather in the street of Bourke Street Mall to witness the spectacular Christmas Day window displays that are put up by the department store Myer. This free exhibition portrays different Christmas story each year supported by previous displays. Some of the examples are- The Twelve Days of Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and obviously A Christmas Carol.

Chocolate Calendar

Did you know that people in Australia count the days by making the use of a chocolate advent calendar? This calendar has a bite-sized choccy at the back of each date window and is often printed with favorite cartoons. This is done to impress children, and that is not the only thing. The calendars are so good that even the adults love it. I mean, after all, they are kids at heart.

In order to traditions and celebration in Australia, people in Australia cook some delicious food. But it is according to the climate as they experience summer at that point in time. They prepare turkey or ham and it is then served cold. Families have their own traditions when it comes to food. In some houses, the turkey is glazed with honey, maple or apricot and in some homes, it is glazed with pineapple juice. They also enjoy seafood like prawn cocktails and barbequed Tiger Prawns. Well, this was the main meal. After this comes a fruit platter decorated with golden mangoes and ruby cherries. Later on, they are seen indulging in Pavlova covered in fresh fruit, Christmas pudding with just the scoop of cold custard, etc.

  • As you can see Christmas 2018 in Australia is rich in food. They enjoy some really delectable recipes that would blow everyone’s mind.
  • Next in line the tradition to spend Christmas at the beach.
  • I know for the rest of the world, Christmas is about spending time snuggling in blankets and watching the snow while people enjoy wearing the warm woolen clothes. But this is not the story of Australia. People there go to the beach to escape the heat of the summer.

Boxing Day

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Did you know that Christmas in Australia has Boxing Day? It is equivalent to Black Friday where retailers hold massive sales. Of course, Boxing Day is a public holiday where cricket fans gather at the Melbourne Cricket Ground to witness the grand annual Boxing Day match. So, folks, Christmas 2018 in Australia or the Traditions and Celebration in Australia are unique to its very core, and one would enjoy being there once in their lifetime. What do you think?

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